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Thrunotes waterproof notebooks and memo books are made from Yupo synthetic substrate papers which are made from polypropylene. They’re 100% tree-free, BPA-free, acid-free, coating and laminate-free, ISO 14.001-certified, and recyclable. But we really hope you never want to part ways with your Thrunotes.

Yes. All of our products are recyclable, including all packaging. But Thrunotes are for life, not just for a day hike!

No. You can use a ball point pen or any humble pencil. Fisher Space Pens are brilliant too!

We recommend never using fountain pens, gel pens or highlighters. Permanent markers and Sharpies do work when your pages are dry. But try to avoid using them on wet pages.

Yes. Pencil easily rubs out using an eraser on our waterproof notebooks and memo books, it’s still super resistant against abration, even when wet.

Depending on the type of pen, the weather and the temperature, you may need to blow on the ink to dry it before closing your Thrunotes waterproof notebook or memo book to avoid minor ghosting. Once dry, ball point inks are highly water-repellent and smudge-resistant.

We can’t tear our pages at all using brute force or while out in the field, but they’ll cut beautifully with scissors. Our PUR bound notebooks do have 5 perforated leaves at the back should you wish to tear some pages out to leave a note in a hiker box or give your details to a fellow hiker!

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