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At Thrunotes, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the wilderness and are proud to say we’ve made every effort to design an environmentally responsible waterproof notebook from day one.

We do this by seriously obsessing over our sustainability principles below:

We only use sustainable materials

Our waterproof notebooks are printed on YUPOBlue, here’s a breakdown:

100% tree-free

Preserving forests, water and many other natural resources

Eco-friendly manufacture

YUPO supports sustainable development goals and is ISO 14.001 certified

No harmful ingredients

YUPO is free of poisons, heavy metals and plasticisers and our pages have no coatings or laminates

Widely recycled

But we hope you don’t want to throw your Thrunotes away!

For more information about the YUPO Corporation visit

We only partner with environmentally responsible companies

Our waterproof notebooks are lovingly printed by Ashley House Printing Company, here’s a breakdown:

Zero landfill policy

They recycle and reuse rather than create unnecessary waste

FSC + ISO 14.001 accredited

They ensure that all of their paper stocks are sustainably sourced

Support Printers Against Plastic

They aim to reduce the dependency of single-use plastic across the printing industry

HP Indigo Digital Press

Features technologies that reduce waste, energy usage and consumables consumption

For more information about Ashley House visit

We never use plastic packaging

We package our waterproof notebooks using eco-friendly and recyclable materials from our stickers to our cardboard envelopes:

Getting krafty

We use recycled kraft paper and card for our packaging

Sticking to it

We use recyclable stickers to package our notebooks

No plastic bags

We use sustainable, compostable cellulose bags to protect your Thrunotes in transit

Stamp away!

We only use water-based, acid-free inks to stamp our logos

Our stickers are awesome

We use to produce our recyclable and biodegradable stickers included with every purchase, here’s a breakdown:


Plant-based and will fully biodegrade, but don’t stick them in the wilderness


But we don’t want you to throw your stickers away!


Splash-proof, heat and cold resistant

UV resistant

Will last for 2 years indoors without fading

For more information about our stickers visit

We hope our sustainability page helped you decide to choose Thrunotes for your next adventure!



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